Life at Middle School

We encourage all Middle School students to engage fully with their learning, take opportunities, develop relationships and grow as followers of Jesus Christ. There are many opportunities for our young people to take up challenges and develop their potential.

For the finer details of Middle School, please read our Middle School Orientation Booklet.

2023 Middle School Orientation Booklet

Our Whanau Culture

Whanau culture is an important way for Middle School students to engage with others across Year 7-9 and to compete in various competitions.

Braddock, Darby, Cook and Youngman Whanau houses are based on our founding families and give us a context to create a fun and vibrant atmosphere with dressing up and trying new things. Whanau days include whole school events as well as optional fun activities such as chalk art and physical challenges.


We value parent partnership, therefore we use a number of strategies that enable effective communication about all aspects of school life pertaining to your child.