Junior Secondary

KingsWay School specifically caters for students in their emerging adolescent years, known as, ‘The Middle Years’. Young people between the ages of 10-15 years old experience significant growth in their social, physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual development. We nurture our students with Christ centered programmes that are specifically designed for the various stages during this time of their lives.

Our Middle Years include:
Middle School – Year 7 to Year 9
Junior Secondary – Year 10

Head of Junior Secondary Welcome

The Junior Secondary school makes its home in Te Kāinga (The village). Te Kāinga is designed to be a hub of learning excellence where Year 10 students’ individual needs are catered for. Students are taught skills to support them in their chosen pathways, in engaging and relevant contexts.


Junior Secondary Academic

Our Curriculum aligns KingsWay School’s Special Character and unique context with the intent of the NZ National Curriculum.


Life at Junior Secondary

We encourage all Junior Secondary students to engage fully with their learning, take opportunities, develop relationships and grow as followers of Jesus Christ.


Junior Secondary Foundations and Underpinnings