Middle School Academic


KingsWay School is an integrated non-denominational school of special Christian Character.

Our KINGSWAY CURRICULUM aligns KingsWay School’s Special Character and unique context with the intent of the New Zealand National Curriculum published in 2008.

Our Special Character permeates all that we do. All teaching is designed to be implemented through a Biblical Worldview and is outworked through our principles, values and key competencies.

Our Learning Programme

Students are involved in inquiries, goal setting, self-assessing and presenting their learning to others in a variety of ways.


Digital Innovation

KingsWay School is committed to using Digital Learning in our curriculum to enhance and transform teaching and learning.


Learning Support

The Learning Support Department aims to support those students who find the areas of learning and social understanding a challenge.



Reporting to parents is a part of our commitment to parent partnership. The following reporting cycle is followed:

  • End of Term 1  –  Parent/teacher conferences
  • End of Term 2  –  Formal written reports
  • Term 3  –  Parent/teacher and student conferences
  • Term 4  –  Formal written reports

Parents are required to attend the Full School Parent Meeting in Term 1 and the Middle School Parent Meeting in Term 4.