Vaccination Mandate Change

Following the government’s announcement to remove the vaccine mandate for workers in the education sector, the MOE requested that school boards complete a health and safety risk assessment to determine what COVID-19 controls are appropriate including any employer vaccination requirement for specific roles.

Our Board’s Audit and Review committee undertook this work led by Dr Amira McMurray. The review considered the information available from a wide range of sources and consulted with our school nursing team and school leadership. The review concluded that, with the exception of those that fall under the vaccination mandate for Health and Disability (our nursing team), there are no roles within the school that would require a worker to be vaccinated in order to mitigate risk to others.

The review was then peer-reviewed by another doctor external to the school.

The Board has accepted the review and has agreed that vaccination will no longer be required for any role at KingsWay School, including volunteer workers and those from outside providers.

The school will continue to follow government guidelines and utilise appropriate measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as staying at home if unwell, use of facemasks, appropriate rapid antigen testing, capacity limits, regular hand washing/sanitising and physical distancing.

Any specific concerns about vulnerable persons (staff or student) will be assessed by the school on a case by case basis to determine the best ways to mitigate risk for that individual. If you have any questions about how this change affects our school or our Covid-19 controls please email us at

As a board we continue to pray for unity in our school community, being honouring of God and each other as we continue moving forward in His name.

Peter Wilding
Board of Trustees
KingsWay School

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