Tragic News

Dear KingsWay School Community
It is with sadness that I have to inform you that Leighton Coles (ex-student and son of current Head of the Senior School Maths Faculty, Carolyn Coles) was tragically killed in a motorbike accident in the South Island today.

Please take note and be aware of the following:
– Take time to sensitively inform your child tonight regarding the incident.
– Some strategies that may assist you with sharing this information:

  • Allow your son/daughter to express thoughts and feelings regarding the incident
  • Try and normalise your son/daughter’s feelings and provide factual answers to questions
  • Take care not to lecture
  • Allow periods of silence for your son/daughter
  • Avoid religious platitudes e.g. God’s got it in control; God knows, clichés such as as ‘be strong’, ‘you are doing so well’ – understanding they reinforce a person’s sense of aloneness

While many students don’t know Leighton, hearing tragic news can sometime reawaken trauma that they have experienced in the past.
Many students have Mrs Coles as a maths teacher and will be feeling deeply affected by the news.
Many of the KingsWay staff will be processing the news and the delivery of the normal programme may be affected in the next few weeks. The management will monitor the situation closely and endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum.

Counselling is available if required.
Please email: or
I request that you are considerate with contacting the Coles family and refrain from discussing this incident on social media.
Please uphold the family in prayer and I will keep you updated as and when any new information arrives and funeral arrangements.
Graeme Budler
(Executive Principal)

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