Growing Leaders

Growing Leaders – You Are HBC Conference 2023

You Are HBC teenage girls conference was held on 3-5th July 2023. Eighteen Senior School students and three alumni were part of the mentorship team working with over 100 teenage girls over three days. The mentor role includes committing to mentor training where they are equipped to work with younger women who attend conferences. Trainee mentors (Year 11) work with an older mentor throughout the three days to support them. The mentoring role is a big learning curve and the students involved are commended for their courage, commitment to servant leadership and time investment.

This year a new initiative was put in place. A group of mentors were invited to speak at You Are and were supported in preparing their messages with mentoring from Mrs Gatman, who leads the charitable trust. This meant that time was given to equip the speakers to shape their messages to engage a younger audience.  Topics such as navigating body image issues, healthy relationships, overcoming adversity, knowing the fathers love were themes of messages given this year.

Mentors: (Year 11-13) Maia Housham, Alexandra Hegan, Julia Santos, Nadine Rao, Loren Fernandes, Georgia Pedersen, Emma Yaroshevich, Calamme Van Lorrenberg, Jordan Allan, Chrizette Els, Monique De Wet, Karla de Wet, Charlie Pedersen, Stella Park, Anna Woolley, Holly Baker, Renee Gordon, Celine Eckard

(Alumni) Nikki Botha, Asher Shaffet, Molly Sharp

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