Peter Wilding

I am married to Rachel, a teacher at Kingsway Senior School and we have had our two daughters complete their schooling at Kingsway with our son in his final two years of Senior School. Having been connected with Kingsway for more than two decades, we have grown in our love and commitment for Christian Education. While receiving a quality education throughout their years at Kingsway our children were also encouraged to see the world and their futures in it through the loving and redeeming eyes of their Heavenly Father.  This same insight and encouragement is fostered with each child who attends Kingsway School through the deliberate intention of a highly committed, God fearing and passionate staff.

I have served as a Board member at Kingsway School in the last three Board terms and Board Chair for the last seven years. Under the solid and stable governance of our board the school has continued to grow in size with new facilities being added and renovations of existing building stock to ensure we have the capability to provide quality Christian education for increasing numbers of children and their families.

I serve as a trustee on the Kingsway Trust which provides the land and buildings for Kingsway School and three other Christian schools in Auckland. I am the Chief Executive Officer of the New Zealand Christian Proprietors Trust and the Kingsway Trust.

I regularly attend a church fellowship in Riverhead and seek to see God’s Kingdom extended wherever we walk as his disciples.