KingsWay international homestay

Homestay Rules and Guidelines

Attendance – Students must attend 100% of classes unless the Principal has granted permission for leave or a Medical Certificate is provided in the case of illness.
Homestay Rules – Students must keep their host family’s household rules and any instructions or rules set out by their own family. These will be discussed when the student moves into the homestay.
Meals – Students must be home for the evening meal unless permission is given by homestay parents to be absent from home.
Curfew – From Sunday to Thursday, students are to be home by 9.30 pm and on Friday and Saturday evenings, should return to their homes no later than 11 pm. Homestay parents must be told where students are going, if they are away from their home. Students 14 years and under should only be allowed out in the evenings with adequate adult supervision.
Staying with friends – If your student wishes to stay with a friend at another homestay, or have one of their friends stay in your home, we ask that homestay parents contact one another to confirm these arrangements. Students may not stay on their own, but must be in the care of an approved responsible adult.
Telephones – Calls are to be kept to a minimum. There are to be no more than the number requested by their parents to their parents’ homes. Overseas calls to friends can only be made with parents’ written permission. Local calls should also be limited, as the host family sees fit. Calls should be no more than 10-15 minutes.
Computer Use – Students should bring their own electronic devises or computer. Computers can only be used once the school’s cyber safety forms are completed and returned. For senior classes, electronic devices are compulsory. KingsWay School accepts no responsibility for any student’s laptop computers. Internet use in homestays must be limited to the amount and hours agreed to by the host family, school and student.
Cell Phones – Cell phones are not permitted for use at school.
Homestay fees – Homestay fees are payable in advance.
Holidays – If a student is absent from their homestay for a period of two weeks or less, homestay fees will not be refunded. Exceptions to this are negotiated directly with the host family. Students may not stay with friends, unless in the care of an approved responsible adult. Any arrangements to be away from Orewa must first be discussed with the DIS and a Permission to Travel Form is to be completed.
Homestay changes – If a student wishes to leave a homestay permanently, a minimum of two weeks notice must be given, or a two week payment will be charged to cover costs and any inconvenience that my have been incurred.
Smoking – New Zealand law does not allow students under the age of 18 years to purchase cigarettes. Smoking is not permitted at KingsWay School or in homestays. Students who ignore this rule will be given a written warning, and following this warning, if the student continues to offend; they are likely to be asked to leave school.
Alcohol – Students are not allowed by law in New Zealand, to drink alcohol in a public place or purchase alcohol if they are under the age of 18.
Banned Substances – Any student using banned substances or breaking NZ laws will be instantly dismissed.
Driving – International Students attending KingsWay School are not allowed to own motor vehicles. If a student wishes to learn to drive a car in NZ, permission must first be sought in writing from the student’s parent or agent on their behalf, and from the DIS. Driving lessons are only to be taken from a licensed instructor when a student has reached the legal age fro driving as in his/her own country.
Travel – Students must consult the DIS before making arrangements to travel within NZ or overseas.
Uniforms - KingsWay School encourages students to take pride in their uniform. Students attending KingsWay School must purchase summer and winter uniforms and wear them correctly.
Appearance - KingsWay School maintains a high standard of dress and appearance at all times and International students are expected to conform to these standards.
School Rules – A booklet outlining the School Rules is available to all students, parents, or host families. These rules, together with the above rules and homestay guidelines are in place to support student’s their families and homestays.
KingsWay School cannot be held responsible for any sickness, injury, damage or loss to property incurred within the School, in the homestay or on school-related activities or tours.


The family I stayed with was very nice. Because of the weather we couldn't do a lot of things but they always tried to organise things in order that I didn't get bored. For example, the only day when we had a little bit of sun, I went to One Tree Hill and to Mt Eden in Auckland. They did all they could to help me go wherever I wanted.

The two sons, were very welcoming and I did a lot of sport, particularly basketball, with them.

In general, even if it was sometimes hard to do something, the family helped me not to be bored.

I think I was very lucky to meet such a nice family.

To conclude, I can say that I had a very good time in New-Zealand, as much in school as in my family. And I hope I will be able to come back in two years.

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