KingsWay enrolment

Prior to Application

Please read the following points and collect all necessary documentation before starting the application process.



1.  Complete the Enrolment Forms and Scan Documents

The Enrolment Form is a confidential form in which we ask for information that will begin the process of enrolment for your child to attend KingsWay School.

Applications must be submitted with supporting documentation. Please scan and include the applicable documents listed below when you submit your Enrolment Forms:

ALL formal documents must be translated into English (Birth Certificate, Immunisation Certificate and School Reports)

* All copies of documents need to be verified by an authorised person: Principal, Justice of Peace or Solicitor.


  • NZ Birth Certificate (if the child was born before 1 January 2006)
    NZ citizen by birth (or Tokelauan, Cook Island or Niuean citizen by birth) on birth certificate after 1 January 2006
    New Zealand passport (details page).


  • A copy of the student’s New Zealand or Australian passport (details page) OR NZ Citizenship certificate.
    AND (if possible)
  • Entry stamp in passport showing date of first arrival in New Zealand.


  • A copy of the student passport (details page)
  • Entry stamp in passport showing date of first arrival in New Zealand
  • Student Residency Visa or Student Visa
  • Parent passports (details page)
  • Parent residency or work visas


Please download and complete the following forms. Once complete, please post your enrolment to: The Enrolment Officer, PO Box 54, Red Beach, Auckland 0945

Enrolment Application Section A

Enrolment Application Section B

Enrolment Application Section C

Church Reference Form - This document must be completed by a Pastor/Minister or Senior Leader of the church at which the applicant attends. Once completed, the Pastor/Minister will need to email this form confidentially to the Enrolment Officer.


2.  Processing the Enrolment Form

Once the application is received, the Enrolment Officer will process the application and will send an acknowledgement letter or contact you if there is any missing information to your enrolment. If the application is fully completed, your child will be placed on our waitlist as either a preferrential or non-preferrential applicant.

Standard procedure prevents us from being able to provide any details regarding our school waitlist as this is confidential information.


3.  The School's Consideration

To maintain the Christian character of KingsWay School, priority is given to students whose families demonstrate a longstanding commitment to an evangelical church. Unfortunately if a family is unable to supply an Attestation Form there are only limited places available to non-preferential applicants due to the Ministy of Education guidelines for maintaining the Special Character of KingsWay School.
When assessing applications for enrolment, each prospective student’s educational needs are considered and where necessary, further information may be requested.
Our school has a wait list for each year level, therefore, your child will be placed on our wait list. If we can confirm an interview for your child we will be in contact with you.


4.  Attend Enrolment Interview

The interview is an important step for the school’s final consideration of your child’s application. The interview is held by the respective Head of School (Junior, Middle & Senior) and is an important time to meet our staff and to ask any necessary questions. Parent partnership is an important aspect of our school and we expect the presence of both parents at this interview. Parent’s and students are expected to demonstrate a willingness and ability to support KingsWay School’s Parent’s Covenant and Statement of Faith.


5.  Offer of Place

If your child receives an offer of place, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance for KingsWay School and an Enrolment pack with enrolment forms that you will need to complete. Your child’s enrolment will be subject to KingsWay School’s Conditions of Enrolment as set out in the enrolment pack.


6.  Acceptance of Offer

To secure a place for your child you will need to return the completed and signed Conditions of Enrolment Form and within two week’s of acceptance pay one term’s fees. In addition, the School Development Donation for each new family is required. Once we have received this payment and the signed Conditions of Enrolment form you have officially accepted you child’s offer of place and this becomes a legally binding contract between yourself and KingsWay School.


KingsWay School | PO Box 54, Red Beach, 0945
KingsWay Senior Campus : 100 Jelas Road, Red Beach | +64-9-427-0900 |
KingsWay Junior Campus : 2 Bonair Crescent, Silverdale | +64-9-421-9350 |